Castle Rock Fire Services

We know how devastating and scary a fire at your home can be. Equally horrifying is a fire at your business property. After emergency crews have extinguished the ravaging fires, it’s time to bring in restoration professionals that can quickly bring your property back to preloss condition. At Castle Rock Water Damage, detailed industry leading post fire restoration is exactly what we do. Our suite of fire solutions will be carefully adapted to meet your damage remediation needs including:

  • Full assessment of damages
  • Boarding up of property for loss mitigation
  • Sealing of smoke damaged areas to prevent further damage
  • Contents manipulation
    • Disposal of unsalvageable items
    • Replacement
    • Restoration of reparable items
    • Ash and Soot Removal
    • Extinguisher Residue Removal
    • Smoke Deodorization
    • Advanced post-fire cleaning
    • Insurance Claim Assistance

What’s special about smoke?

            One of the most damaging forces after a fire is actually smoke. As you probably know, smoke rises. It also travels throughout your home, bringing a lingering burnt smell to rooms that weren’t necessarily affected by the flames. Sneaking through electrical conduits, around plumbing outlets, through air ducts and attics, smoke is a pernicious force that can all but permeate your entire building.

But what is smoke? The answer is highly variable. Smoke is vaporized matter and it changes depending on its source.  Fast burning, hot fires create smoke that carries powdery residues and soot that is more easily cleaned. Often furnace and electrical fires fit this description. The second type of smoke is slower burning, more damaging and generally carries residues that are very difficult to cleanup. Oily and leaving unique web-like patterns on burnt surfaces, most kitchen fires fit this description.

Each fire has its own unique effect and associated remedies that a professional fire restoration specialists like those at Castle Rock Water Damage can help you with.

If you’re dealing with a fire at your Castle Rock home or business, we can help. Call us today for 24/7 services and help processing your fire insurance claim at (303) 758-5931.