Castle Rock Mold Restoration

With relatively high humidity in summers and frequent rain and snow, unwanted moisture can easily become a problem in Castle Rock homes and businesses. If you have a basement, a slow leak or even musty smells in your abode, you may be harboring infectious contaminants related to mold. Mold always follows water, so if you’ve had water damage recently, you very well may also have a mold infestation as well. Not only is mold the source of an unpleasant odor; it can have serious health consequences if allowed to grow unchecked. If you suspect mold, it’s best to have a professional assess your situation and take measures to contain it.

If children, the elderly, immune-compromised individuals or those with respiratory conditions are exposed, the health risks increase and could include permanent damages or even death, given the type of mold and length of exposure. It really isn’t worth the risk if you suspect the presence of molds in your building. Call us today for immediate removal service or for a free consultation at (303) 758-5931.

Our Services

When you call our certified team of mold removal experts, we’ll quickly take tests to determine the type of mold growing on your property, its source and the extent of damage it has caused. After a rapid assessment, we’ll move to quarantine existing colonies to prevent their spread while we work and to improve the local air quality. Using HEPA filtration air scrubbers, this step will immediately be accompanied by an abatement of mold-allergy related symptoms. As we work behind contained blocks throughout your home, you’ll see us remove all traces of mold INCLUDING spores, which may cause future contamination if not thoroughly disinfected.

In addition to moldicide and bleach products, we’ll also use dry ice blasting to remove mold gently from surfaces without discoloration. Finally, we want to prevent future mold growth in your Castle Rock property. We’ll take measures to ward off future infection and advise you on ways to protect your investment and your health.

Call Castle Rock Water Damage today for expert mold removal services at (303) 758-5931.